NISHAT is expanding into a number of international markets from Europe to the Far East, but Canada shall be its first venture outside of Pakistan and the Middle East.

While a number of stores in Canada will carry ethnic clothing, we intend to focus on the NISHA concept in order to be more appealing to the North American woman. In Canada, our expansion will begin with the GTA, Canada’s largest urban area, with a population of well over 6 million. South Asians are the largest ethnic minority in the GTA, attributing for almost 12% of the total population. The average household income of this area is $80,000, which makes it one of the richest urban areas in the world. We feel that it is an ideal market in which to launch NISHA’s ethnic and fusion concepts

Prestige Retail Inc. is NISHAT’s master franchisee in Canada. In the short term we are looking for 7-8 locations, out of which 4 shall be stand-alone locations in downtown Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton. The stand-alone locations will be larger in size (2500 sq. ft. and over) and have a mix of traditional clothing and the NISHA concept. The key to our expansion will be our mall locations; the malls that we have been initially targeted are Bramalea Mall in Brampton, Square One in Mississauga and Scarborough Town Centre in Scarborough. These areas have been targeted due to their large South Asian populations and high household incomes.

We are also planning to open stores in a number of the ‘B’ malls across Southern and Central Ontario. Our mall locations will vary in size depending on the spaces available, we hope to open at least 2 mall locations in the short term. The Mall stores will operate within the NISHA concept and will not carry traditional ethnic clothing. All of the locations will feature a relatively uniform design concept, in order to help create a recognizable brand. NISHA hopes to have between 25 to 30 stores across Canada by 2017, targeting major Canadian cities and South Asian hubs, with plans to move into smaller cities in Ontario, as well. With the right locations, an effective marketing campaign and a consolidated aesthetic, we are confident that NISHA can be very profitable in the Canadian marketplace.